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Thanks! J


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2011/7/8 Alfredo Vélez WP3C <wp3c at aol.com>

How can I change iaru2011rev2.txt to iaru2011rev2.xdt, thanks


1.	Start Win-Test
2.	File | Explore | /extras directory
3.	Drag and drop iaru2011rev2.txt to the extras directory
4.	Right click on the file, iaru2011rev2.txt
5.	Left click on Rename
6.	Press the End key to move the cursor to the end of the file name
7.	Press the backspace key three times to erase "txt"
8.	Type xdt
9.	Press Enter

The file should now be named iaru2011rev2.xdt .  It should now be visible in
the Win-Test "extras" window (Alt-X) if you follow the directions sent
earlier for adding the file to the list.



Bob, N6TV

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