[WT-support] Elecraft KDVR3 Voice Recorder

Peter pc2a at pi4cc.nl
Sun Jan 31 17:15:51 CET 2010

Stewart GM4AFF schreef:
> I have asked this a few times with no response, and I see no help in the
> reflector archive so:
> Is it possible to key the Elecraft K3 KDVR3 voice recorder from within
> WinTest. I don't want to learn how to program my PC, I just want the rig to
> call CQ when I hit F1! I made WinTest trigger my MFJ voice keyer, and that
> was difficult, so this has to be easy!
> There are lots of K3's around now, so perhaps this question should be fired
> into the (bottomless) Elecraft reflector?
> Any help appreciated.
> 73
> Stewart
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Look at the archive


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