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Luca NCJ ik2ncj at fastwebnet.it
Wed Jan 20 22:08:57 CET 2010

Hi Jose,


nice to read you! HNY!

Yes I see on the help page there are bunch of commands we can use to create
an appropriate scenario.

Also the standard one is quite OK.


The only strange thing it used to change behave after a while and doesn’t
react anymore to any audio changes to solve the monitor problem.

In any case WT scenario & MK2R are really a great combination, working fine
on CW SSB or even RTTY for SO2R environment!


Both good stuff to manage a full automatic station set-up.


I’ll be in Riga for CCF this week-end. Hope to see people from this list out
there !! (better “in there” due to local low temperature HIHI)







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Hi Luca


Win-test scenarios were designed for CQWW where you don't have to copy the

You probabaly know that even if you log the wrong zone, it does not matter
as far as log checking is concerned.



Also these scenarios were at the time my personalized to my like.

There are people who operate differently.

The good thing is you can go and change it to what you think fits better
your operating stlyle.




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