[WT-support] communication between WTRotators and Win-Test

Maik Reckeweg dj2qv at rrdxa.eu
Thu Jan 7 14:51:36 CET 2010


i am having problems with the communication between Win-Test (4.3.0)
and WTRotators (Version 1.3)
While it works on one particular PC (running Windows XP), I can't get
it running on two others (one with WinXP , one running with Server
No matter if the internal loopback ( or the broadcast
IP of the network is used.
The Wintest Software shows "turning antenna to xxx degrees" when
pressing CTRL-F12 , but the message just does not appear in the
WTRotators window.
The communication with WinTelnetDX is however working fine, so the
standard port 9871 is not blocked by a firewall or anything.

Any suggestions ?

Maik DJ2QV

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