[WT-support] Win-Test version 4.7.0 is now available

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Fri Dec 3 11:45:30 CET 2010

Hi -

Win-Test version 4.7.0 is now available for download to registered users:

http://download.win-test.com/v4/bin/wt-4.7.0.exe [Full, 14 MB]
http://download.win-test.com/v4/bin/wt-4.7.0-update.exe [Update, 6 MB]

The DxPed and Demo versions will be available soon.

Please find below the changelog.


Larry - F6FVY for the Win-Test / FY5KE team


Changelog v4.7.0 (Dec 2, 2010)

- CW Autosend : Feature temporarily disabled when Alt-Space (grab from
   the RT partner slot), Alt-1..9 (grab from the partner stack) and
   Ctrl-1..9 (exchange with the partner stack) are used.
   Tnx ES5TV, N6TV.

- WinKey : Speed bursts were not executed if located just before the
   $LOGGED variable. Tnx ES5TV.

- ARRL 10m contest : New Mexican multipliers added. The name of the
   database (which is now different from the other ARRL contests) is
   now ARRL_10M.DTB. Several XE stations (around 300) have been added
   in the current file :


- Bugfix : Task #300 : WAEDC RTTY : The sent QTC group number was not
   taken into acount by the other connected machines, and therefore the
   QTC numbering was garbled in M/* environment. Tnx DL6RAI.

- Bugfix : Task #266 : WAEDC RTTY : No *New Mult* warning. Tnx DL6RAI.

- Bugfix : WAEDC : Number of QTC to send dialog : Even if some buttons
   were disabled, their associated "number keys" were still active.

- Bugfix : WAEDC : Sending QTC dialog (Ctrl-L) : In "show" context,
   and if messages were sent under some circumstances, Win-Test could
   crash. Tnx IW1QN.

- Bugfix : WAEDC : Under some circumstances, sent QTC were not always
   correctly saved.

- Bugfix : WAEDC : When the number of QTC to be sent is 0 (no more QTC
   available), all "number keys" and Enter are now ignored in the
   appropriate dialog.

- Bugfix : Task #298 : Spacebar key didn't always work properly in the
   ARRL Sweepstakes contest. Tnx N6TV.

- Bugfix : Task #297 : Double-click on Check Multipliers window (F10)
   didn't work in ARRL Sweepstakes. Tnx N6TV

- MouseWheel actions are now compatible with HiRes optical mouses like
   the Microsoft Wireless LASER Mouse 8000. Tnx W9ZRX, N6TV.

- Bugfix : Under some circumstances, if data entered in the time field
   didn't follow the HH:MM or HHMM format, it could lead to a crash.
   Tnx N6TV.

- Bandmap properties : The minimum spot bandwidth is now 0 Hz (!).
   Tnx SM2WMV.

- IC775 : Force narrow IF filters when grabbing callsigns in CW.
   Tnx YL2GD.

4.6.1 (Released only for demo and DxPed versions)

- Bugfix : The default directory name for a "DX expedition (VHF and
   above)" log was wrong. Tnx DJ4MZ.

- Bugfix : When a callsign was entered by a dbl-click in the N+1 or the
   partials wnd, and if this feature was set to automatic, the callsign
   check status wasn't updated. Tnx ES5TV.

- COPYLOGCLEAR text command added. Equivalent to the COPYLOG command
   immediately followed by a CLEARLOG command. Tnx CT1BOH.

- QTC receive dlg : New variable $QTCROW introduced indicating the
   QTC line number where the cursor is located. Mainly used in RTTY
   for asking a resent of a specific line. The default F8 button message
   is now "AGN QTC $QTCROW?" in this mode. Tnx DK4WA.

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