[WT-support] Radio 1 Window in WT4.5.0

Dez Watson g3ww.dez at virgin.net
Wed Aug 25 16:31:14 CEST 2010

I have also noticed this problem happen 2 or 3 times each contest but I 
found a faster solution than shutting down WT.

All I do is:

Options > Configure Interfaces > Ok

And that seems to kick-start the CAT link.

I am using 3.27 a FT-1000MP MK-V and a USB - Serial converter, again not 
too sure of the chipset.


Dez, G3WW

Armin Sturm wrote:
> Hi Bob, I believe the Radio B was ok, but not sure. It is true, I use 
> a USB to serial converter but don't know what kind of chipset it is 
> based on. RF is not an issue as the transmitting antenna is more than 
> 500 ft away from the shack. But good to get this information and will 
> check it out. I was wondering that after restart of the software it 
> was working again. And yes I use the default wintest settings for the 
> FT1k MP.
> Thanks for the fast reply
> Armin, DK9PY 
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>     I don't recall seeing any reports like this before.
>     Are you using a USB-to-Serial adapter?  If so, and if that adapter
>     is based on the "Prolific" chipset, perhaps that is the problem. 
>     These devices are notoriously unreliable.  Perhaps new drivers
>     will help, or a new USB-to-Serial interface based on the FTDI chipset.
>     Also, what was happening on VFO B at the time?
>     I assume that you are using the Win-Test FT-1000MP defaults:
>     4800,N,8,2 DTR/RTS = Always OFF.
>     73,
>     Bob, N6TV
>     On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Armin Sturm <dk9py at t-online.de
>     <mailto:dk9py at t-online.de>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I noticed a very strange behaviour in the VFO A frequency
>         field of Radio 1
>         (FT1000MP MarkV). During the contest I was wondering that the
>         band suddenly
>         changed in the working area from 20m to 15m (although the xcvr
>         was still on
>         20m). The frequency shown in the VFO A field was something
>         like 12405.?.
>         Changing the band with the arrow keys worked still fine on the
>         xcvr, but in
>         the working field it jumped to 15m again. I only could stop
>         the behaviour by
>         closing WT and restart it again. It happend 3 times during the
>         contest.
>         Luckily I watched afterwords the VFO A field in the Radio
>         window and the
>         frequency on the radio to make sure that when it happens to
>         restart WT.
>         Hopefully WT did not log QSOs in the wrong band. Has this been
>         seen before?
>         I can remember that it happend also last year with WT3.27, but
>         forgot to
>         report.
>         73 / Armin, DK9PY
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