[WT-support] WAE-CW ... Doing a "writelog" doubles the QTCs?

Tõnno Vähk Tonno.Vahk at gafm.ee
Tue Aug 17 09:29:46 CEST 2010

I think that is only fair that you get mess when typing WRITELOG to call sign field. What did you expect?? 

Do you think Writelog authors let you write WIN-TEST to their call sign field and get away with it??


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Hello Win-Test fans,

Once again using Win-Test in the WAE-CW Contest is just
excellent. The Alt-L feature for recording the incoming QTCs
is very easy to use. The automatic back-ground colouring
(green), the automatic completing of TIME fields with only
typing in the final digit (minute), and the health-check of
typed in callsigns all make it so easy.

However I noticed then when I typed WRITELOG (in the QSO
field) at the end of the contest, the number of QTCs shown
in the Summary table window then increases (it doubles!). It
also increased the computed Total Score to include the
phantom QTCs created after typing WRITELOG. However if you
then CLOSE the log and then Re-OPEN it, the Total Score is
again correct and the phantom QTCs in the Summary Table have

During the contest I was using 4.2.0, and was not too
concerned, as I expected that this may have been reported
before, and the problem would disappear with a newer
version. Tonight I have just tried again with 4.5.1 and the
same "creation of phantom QTCs in the Summary Table" after
doing WRITELOG still happens.

What am I doing wrong, I wonder?

At the beginning of the WAE-CW Contest I lost 2 x 10
in-coming QTCs because (through my own lack of pre-Contest
practice) I got confused by the wording of the "Cancellation
Confirmation" message on closing the Alt-L window. It says
"Are you sure to cancel this QTC series? If you validate,
they will not be saved". The word "validate" in this context
is a bit confusing, because on the main Alt-L screen
"validate" means "save my QTCs". 

Perhaps a better wording for the little "Cancellation
Confirmation" message would be "Do you really want to delete
these QTCs? If you press YES, they will be lost!"

I realise that "validate" is a favorite word in the world of
computers, but I wonder whether at the bottom right of the
main Alt-L QTC screen it should not say "Save my QTCs"
rather than "Validate" on the button.

73 - Nigel G3TXF

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