[WT-support] Multi Single # problems

R9IR rz9ir at hamsk.ru
Sun Aug 15 10:40:50 CEST 2010

Any idea it is advisable

MULT station must send always serial number +1 by  macros $NEXTSERIAL  in
funk  key example  F3  and wait carefully follow when RUN  enter qso with
before serial number

After quickly peg QSO  in LOG   - must  a little proficiency  :-) 


Vlad RZ9IR



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Version 4.5.1


We are running MS in WAE CW


When the RUN station write a callsign for example EA1AA, then send for
example 599 100

While the RUN station is listening for the exchange from EA1AA, the MULT
station logged a Mult in other band and gave him 599 100

When I copied the exchange number, I fill in the log and do + to send TU and
log the QSO


But in the log I have 599 101 instead of 599 100 for EA1AA


So will be penalized for this QSO´s!


And this happened many times!..






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