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Thanks Bob for the information!






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You have it correct, though you would have to press [UP arrow] then F6 to
repeat the callsign.  The yellow line always highlights what will be sent.

Another option:  if you think you will need to send a lot of repeats,
instead of pressing [Insert] to send each QTC, you can use [Enter] instead.
That sends the QTC but does not move the yellow line down.  

There are two buttons on the screen:

[INS ... Send QTC ++] 
[CR  ... Send QTC   ]

The "++" means "and move to the next QTC"
"CR" stands for "Carriage Return" (from the old days of typewriters and
mechanical TTY machines).  Today it means "Enter."

If you use [Enter] to send a QTC, you have to press [Down Arrow] then
[Enter] to send the next one.

In sum, use [Insert] to send each QTC when you think the other station has
good copy.  Use [Enter] and [Down Arrow] when they don't, as that will make
it easier to send repeats.

Bob, N6TV

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Jorge Diez - CX6VM
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Wich are the common steps to send QTC´s for WAEDC contest?


I do that:


1-      Ctrl L appears a windows and 10 QTC´s is selected so I did Enter

2-      F2 to send the QTC number

3-      INS to send each QTC

BUT the yellow lines is not the QTC I am sending, so if I need to repeat the
CALL, I need to do arrow down to move to the line before the yellow line
(the line of the QTC I am sending) to press F6 to repeat the call, or click
in the callsign field I want to repeat.


Finally + to end QTC´s


That´s OK?  This is how it works?





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