[WT-support] W9XT Voice Card?

Juha Rantanen oh6xx at sral.fi
Tue Mar 17 18:58:32 CET 2009

K5NZ at aol.com wrote:
> All my computers have W9XT Voice cards installed in LPT2.  Is there any 
> way to get Win-Test to use them?


Have you tried from Options | Configure Interfaces... Put a tab on LPT 
and click Configure... Set port address as 278 (LPT2) and put a tab on 
DVK. Click OK.

If you are using an XP computer you must have the dlportio.sys installed 
on your PC. You can download it from http://download.win-test.com. 
Download port95nt.exe and install it. You must reboot before it takes 

I don't know if this helps but it's worth trying.

Juha OH6XX

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