[WT-support] Putting the contest compilation out in thecommunity?

GIRTS BUDIS yl2kl at lf.lv
Tue Jun 30 19:43:41 CEST 2009

...and where is the same Conductors Left Leg QSO Party?


Girts YL2KL


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...and I was hoping to participate in the "Worked All Left-Handed Serbian
Train Conductors QSO Party"!


           Ron  N6IE

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Being a programmer myself, i want to give you my opinion on that point.
Although i would not mind if it would be included in Win-Test, i doubt i
will be. It might be easy to integrate a certain number of "Building blocks"
strung together by a config-file, thus covering a good chunk of the contests
out there. But no one knows what "building blocks" are needed tomorrow.
There are so many contests with so many (obscure) rules out there, that are
difficult to capture in a standardized way. Just take WAE with its
QTC-system, for example. How to code that into a "config file"? You still
have to let Win-Test be aware of "QTC-style" contests, let them be
parameterized as you wish. This example might be "too trivial", as WAE is a
"big" contest, but there is similar stuff in 100s of smaller contests we
never heard of, from obscure exchanges to bonus points for working some
special kind of station, or your ability to form a keyword or sentence out
the first letter of the name of each station worked, instantly doubling your

Such rules out of the usual "qsopoints times mults = score" system can only
be captured with some kind of script interpreting or incorporating compiled
code like DLLs, not just "setup files". But - Win-Test v4 will incorporate
Lua-scripting-support, perhaps one can use Lua to describe the rules of the
"1296MHz All-Monaco RTTY-Sprint-Party for YLs". We will see :-).

Vy 73 es 55 de Stefan, DL1ELY (luckily eligible for an free update to v4)


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