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Dave Sharred g3nkc at ultradx.com
Sun Jun 21 11:33:15 CEST 2009

HI Steve; I have done this many times, and don't have problems.

The first thing is to check any SPAM filters/bins you might have; make sure they are not in there.

Next; I think the reply goes to the email on record; have you changed your email account ??

I haven't looked into how to update emails addresses if that is the answer; check the WT site carefully


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  I purchased win-test in Jan 09, had it working on my computer...

  I have reformated my computer and need to register the software again..

  I have gone to the register Win-Test page and filled out the form to request a registation code, it tells me that I will soon recieve a Email with the code, but I have recieved nothing after 2 atempts 24 hours apart.

  How do I get a new registration key ???  My email address is chamberlain at iinet.net.au


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