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Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Wed Dec 2 12:32:38 CET 2009

Hi everyone !

This new free and open source package allows you to publish on the Web 
your contest audio recordings done with Win-Test v4.
Once setup, anyone will be able to search in your log and listen to his 
(her) QSOs, if audio was recorded at that time.


The requirements are :

- Win-Test 4.3.0 or better
- One .wt4 log and its associated audio recording(s)
- Web hosting space (available space must be at least the size of the 
mp3 file(s) + 1MB)
- PHP must be available on the hosting space (No mySQL database required)
- Minimal knowledge on web hosting and FTP usage


1/ In Win-Test, export timestamps in a file (Contextual menu of the 
recorder window). Use the raw format. All the mp3 related to this 
contest log must be present in the log directory when exporting the 
2/ Unzip locally the wtQsoPlayer.zip package
3/ Modify the wtQsoPlayer.php file to fit your configuration :

Lines 21 to 23 : Enter your callsign, the contest name and its year
Lines 57 to 61 : Enter the subdirectory path where the mp3 files will be 
stored into, the subdirectory path where the mp3 clips will be 
temporarily stored, and the name of the timestamps file (see 1/).
Lines 72 to 77 : Available band(s) for this contest
Line 84 : Available mode(s) for this contest

4/ Once done, transfer *all* .php files to your hosting space, in an 
appropriate directory (I used /wtQsoPlayer but yours can be named 
5/ Create the clips files subdir (under the 4/ directory) (see line 58)
6/ Create the mp3 files subdir (under the 4/ directory) (see line 57)
7/ Transfer *all* the mp3 files into this last subdirectory
8/ Transfer also the timestamps file into this same directory
9/ You can also transfer a picture of your QSL in the root directory (it 
must be named qsl.jpg)

To sum up (with the current settings) :

   qsl.jpg (optional)

To restrict the access to the subdirectories from the Web, you can 
create empty index.html files and store them into those subdirs.

You can also use an index.html or index.php file in the "root" directory 
to disallow the access to the search before the deadline date of log 
submission (see below).

To access the search :


Note : To respect the contesting ethics it is advised to publish your 
data and mp3 file _AFTER_ the deadline of the log submission. It means 
that CQWW SSB 2009 files can be online from today, and CQWW CW 2009 
files should be online only after January 15.

The extracted clips are totally compatible with the mp3 standard, and 
their ID3 tags are automatically filled. It means you can save and 
replay them locally.

This package is totally open. It has been written quickly, the errors 
processing is minimal, and it can certainly be optimized. I'm sure that 
some talented coders who use Win-Test will be able to improve it (to 
allow several searches in different contests for example) and/or design 
nicer pages (CSS gurus welcome !). Feel free to submit and share your 
work with the community !

As a demonstration, you can currently listen to your QSOs with FY5KE (if 
available) during the CQWW SSB 2009 at http://f6fvy.free.fr/wtQsoPlayer/


Larry - F6FVY

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