[WT-support] CAT-Problem with FT100 (switching VFO A, VFO B, SPLIT)

Lorenz Grassl lenz at lenz-grassl.de
Mon Jun 16 16:10:03 CEST 2008

Hello group,

my name is Lenz, DL8RDL.

Since a few days I try "WINTEST" and during CAT-communication with my 
FT100 the following behaviour occures:
I use the original CT-62-serial cable of Yaesu. Computer is a older one 
with "real" serial port and runs on WIN XP.
The "Radio 1" screen switches each second (depends on the polling-rate) 
between VFO A and B. Additionally the display of VFO A reads "SPLIT" 
while switching. It seems to be a wrong flag that is set. I found this 
out in combination with another software which did not communicate 
properly with my rig. The author of "CW-SKimmer" (Alex, VE3NEA) told me, 
that the FT100 "pretends" to be in SPLIT mode and thats the reason for 
the problem. He also said, that some software expects 16bit data but the 
FT100 provides 32bit data. I´m neither a CAT-professional nor a 
WINTEST-professional. Is anybody there who has knowledge about?

I was trying to fix the problem but I can´t find the settings for the 
rigs. Can you tell me wether I can change CAT-files within WinTest or is 
it hardcoded? OR: does anybody experience this problems as well and has 
a proper solution? The "rest" of CAT-communication seems to work 
properly (switching bands etc.)

Thanks in advance,
Lenz, DL8RDL

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