[WT-support] ARRL Field Day Problem-corrected text

Charlie Wooten NF4A nf4a at knology.net
Sun Jun 15 08:17:48 CEST 2008

Corrected text...sorry...it is 1am ;)

I was planning to use WinTest for the upcoming ARRL Field Day. When I built
the template and tried some dummy entries in the log, I was getting an error
when entering information where the signal report and ARRL section are
entered.  Example..... W1AW 599 CT   WinTest would not allow this. It seems
want info in the field to the right of the callsign but is isn't RST alone,
RSTSEC (599CT), RST SEC (599 CT) or just the SEC. Has anyone else setup
WinTest for ARRL FD and ran into this? I might have to dust off CT for
Windows for FD if there isn't a fix for this ;)


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