[WT-support] GetScores Conduit New version

Marios Nicolaou drmarios at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 12:55:55 CEST 2008

Dear All

I have put a new version of the wintest2livescores / get scores middleware
on my page:

http://www.5b4wn.com/main/m10.html  [0.95]

It should fix the RDXC and WPX multiplier bugs. I couldnt reproduce the
single band category problem as I am not sure if getscores supports it (if
anyone has info on this let me know))

I would be grateful if  those who reported bugs before gave  it a testdrive
and reported back to me PRIVATELY. It would be useful if you copy and paste
the debug window content.

Also if you plan to use it for another contest in the  near future, give it
testdrive  and report bugs early.

73s to all


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