[WT-support] NOMICWHENPLAY not working

Andy Cook, G4PIQ g4piq at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 24 09:29:08 CEST 2007

Thanks, but I'm afraid it's plugged into the soundcard! 
Should try 3.17, but think Thursday night job is to add extra relays to SO2R
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On 10/20/07, Andy Cook, G4PIQ <g4piq at btinternet.com> wrote: 

I'm finally getting around to moving away from TRLog and using WinTest for a
major contest and have been working on my SO2R box and PC sound card to
integrate them with WinTest. From the documentation I see that the command
NOMICWHENPLAY or the check box Mute the Microphone input when the DVK is
playing should stop loop through audio from the Mic getting to the Tx when
playing a recorded message. However, on my PC (HP Vectra VL420, internal
sound card, XP SP2) loopthrough audio from the Mic is remains mixed with
recorded message. I can easily enough add another relay to the SO2R box, but
just wondered if I was doing something silly. 

Is your mic. plugged into your internal sound card mic. jack, or your rig's
mic. jack?

NOMICWHENPLAY is only going to work if your mic. is plugged into your sound

Bob, N6TV

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