[WT-support] $variable to bind to second radio

Matt IZ3EYZ iz3eyz at virgilio.it
Fri Oct 19 15:35:24 CEST 2007

> I would like to have option to have keyboard bind to second radio as
> soon as I pres F1.

Sounds interesting. I have been thinking for quite a long time about 
something similar but never told that to the authors.

My idea would be to introduce a sort of "Auto switching keyboard" feature 
for either 2nd or 1st radio or either a variable.

Most of the time when you 're txing on one radio you are supposed to be 
listening and/or typing stuff on the other one. Thus such a features might 
be applied not only when pushing F1 but even when working a mult on the 2nd 
radio (sending F4 and F2) and taking callsigns on your running freq....and 
even more!

Let's see what the developers think about that.... :-))



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