[WT-support] Wishes

Tony EA5BY ea5by at lynxdxg.com
Fri Mar 9 13:59:39 CET 2007

Hello all.
Here are my wishes for the future versions of fabulous WinTest:
- When enabling auto CQ in SSB, should be good the possibility of changing
the function key that calls CQ.
Example:  On F1 I have: CQ TEST DE EA5BY TEST
and on Fxx I have: CQ TEST DE EA5BY listening on 7204 TEST.
- Playing SO2R with the las version of WT, when I press "*" obviously I
switch to second radio (FT1KMP) work the multiplier and again "*" to return
to primary radio.
If on primary radio (FT1KD) I'm working QSX it changes VFOs each time I
press "*" so I have to press quickly "*" three times to leave rigs ok.
- In BANDMAP window, when working QSX I see TX frequency. I solve the
problem using "list" but should be good to choose which VFO to see.
- In BANDMAP when spots are too near in frequency, I have problems to switch
my radios. I have to click far of the freq I have and return to desired stn.
- In BANDMAP using FT1000D I can not use the tool "set freq in SUB VFO".
Why?  This doesn't occur in FT1000MP.
Many thanks and GOOD JOB!!
73 de Tony EA5BY
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