[WT-support] Questions about Win-Test in VHF-Contest

DH5HV dh5hv at dh5hv.de
Sun Mar 4 15:20:01 CET 2007


I used Win-Test for the first time now on VHF and it worked without any problems.

But due to less experiences with the program I missed some things, but maybe it is already in the program:

I downloaded the VHF database (from the webpage, but dated on 2004 ?!?).
- Where can I find an actually version ?
- How can I update one database with the QSOs I made now and with my old datas I have in ADIF or Cabrillo for example ?
- Where can I see maybe not only the locator but maybe also old used locators of the stations and other interesting information ?

And one little thing:
If I put in a QSO and press ALT-F3 to spot the station BEFORE entering the QSO the whole datas like call, QSO number and locator disappear !!!
Not good !
Sending a spot to the cluster should not affect anything on the entry mask !

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