[WT-support] Bug in 3.2.0

Tõnno Vähk Tonno.Vahk at lhv.ee
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well, it is not so simple. For me most of the time when ESC is pressed is when I want to cancel Auto CQ as I hear somebody calling but I do not have enough time to press any letter. So in that case ESC should not stop autosending for that QSO.

I guess we should never make ESC stop autosending for a QSO. In TR LOG it never did but you had a shortcut to disable autosend. Also in WT I would use a shortcut or maybe pressing ESC twice?? 

Also, in TR LOG when you enter / as one of the symbols before the Autosending starts then it gets disabled. Thus with long calls including / you don't have a problem. That could also be used in WT.

Actually it would anyway be very good to have a shortcut to switch AUTOSEND on and off as it is sometimes very difficult to go down into the Menu long way to disable or activate it when you have a pile up! The same goes for AUTOCQ. I believe there are no shortcuts for them now?? Having a shortcut for both would be really great addition and would solve all those problems. Then ESC should not cancel AUTOSEND. 


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Yes, agree, but it's must be ON again in the next QSO.

OF> This will be fixed in the next release.

OF> On the other hand, do you agree that ESC must stop autosending if 
OF> pressed when you are entering a callsign?

OF> 73 de Olivier / f5mzn

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