[WT-support] WT et FT-757 GXII

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Fri Feb 25 18:25:42 CET 2005

Hi Pierre

Pierre DRUMONT-F6BLZ a écrit :

> Quelqu'un ferait-il fonctionner WT avec ce transceiver et, dans ce cas, 
> pourrait-il me fournir le mode d'emploi ...?

[English readers : Pierre is trying to connect his FT-757 GX-II to WT]

For now, this transceiver is not supported.

But, I'm convinced that it can added (quite) shortly if you can provide 
Olivier technical docs on CAT commands for your TRX. Sadly, most of the 
Yaesu transceivers are using different CAT instructions sets.

You can try in using the others supported Yaesu TRX configurations, but 
I'm almost sure it will not work (or maybe partially ?). The usual COM 
port config for Yaesu is :

- Speed : 4800 bauds
- Parity : None
- Databits : 8
- Stopbits : 2
- No handshake


Laurent - F6FVY

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