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Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Tue Feb 22 17:47:47 CET 2005

Hi all

Simon, M0CLW, op @ G6PZ this week-end, where they used Win-Test, 
privately mailed us some questions.

As it might interest other users, here is a fw of our reply.


Larry - F6FVY

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Subject: Re: ARRL DX CW

> 1. About half way through the contest, the serial numbers on the run and 
> mult station where out of sync. The run station was 1 QSO in front. Is 
> that normal? I guess as the serial number is unimportant in ARRL, but 
> what about (for example) in WPX, where we give a serial number?

First, the number located on the leftmost part of the log is not
"really" a serial number. It's rather a _QSO_ number. If you're
operating a contest with serial sent, a serial number field is added in
the log. According to the contest rules and category, it might change if
you're changing band etc...

If the QSO count is out of sync, it means that one (in your case) QSO
was lost in the network process. This is very unlikely, but it can
sometimes happen especially if the network wiring is stressed by HF, etc...

After the contest, you can easily merge all logs : Copy all files .wtb
on one machine, close the current log, and use the File / Merge menu.
Use file copies for safety.

The log synchronicity in background task is already on our todo list.

On serial numbers : If the contest you're taking part in uses a serial
number sent exchange, and if you're out of sync, you can modify it with
the Edit / Modify serial menu. Of course, this will not modify the
current QSO number, but the sent serial only.

> 2. Although we'd set Win-Test on both PC's to multi-single, we could not 
> set the "station type" (run or mult) in the "commands->active radio" 
> menu... I didn't check on the run station, but on the mult station the 
> other options were "greyed out" (i.e. I couldn't select them) - "Run" or 
> "Support" were the only options.

It's not a bug, it's a feature ;-)

The "mult" is only available for contests in which the rules states the
possibility of a mult station (= aka the CQWW rules). This applies for
CQWW DX, CQWW WPX (in multi single category) amongst others. For the
others contests (ARRL DX for example), a station can only be a RUN
station. And if you have an in-band station (which looks for mults or
S&P if the rate is low), you can qualify it as "RUN - Support". There is
no difference in the Cabrillo output log between a RUN and a
RUN-Support. It's only visible in the WT log (and the Status Alt-J
window). There is no limitations on support stations number. You can
validate (or not) the Support property with the menu or the text
commands SUPPORT (and NOSUPPORT).


Best 73

Larry - F6FVY

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