[WT-support] Lanceur d'appels SSB

F6ETI f6eti at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 20 21:16:11 CET 2005


merci very much Laurent, its work wonderfull (on 2.8.0 and not 2.2.8, sri)!

73 de F6ETI, Philippe
f6eti at wanadoo.fr

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From: "Laurent HAAS - F6FVY" <f6fvy at free.fr>
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Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 1:43 PM
Subject: Re: [WT-support] Lanceur d'appels SSB

> Hi Philippe
> F6ETI a écrit :
>> WINTEST 2.2.8
> Umm... pretty old vesion ;-)
> [English readers : Philippe suggest to apply the autorepeat feature to voice 
> messages diffrent than the F1 one. His goal is to record several operators or 
> use different langages]
>> - Fonction "repeat" du lanceur d'appel SSB :
>> Actuellement, seul le message 1 (touche F1) bénéficie de la fonction 
>> "repeat".
>> Est-il envisageable d'avoir la fonction "repeat" sur les 4 messages (F1 à 
>> F4)?
> For now, only the F1 message has the autorepeat property. We will consider to 
> optionally add it for other messages.
>> Motivation de la demande :  personnalisation des messages dans le cas de 
>> stations multiopérateurs, appel en deux langues, opérateurs et trices... (on 
>> ne rit pas au fond de la salle!)
> We intend to implement more multi-op capabilities in the future : We are 
> thinking of different 'profiles' for each operator. The voice files will then 
> be swapped during the operator shift.
> As a workaround, for now, you can easily use the eXecute feature (Ctrl-X) to 
> change voice files on-the-fly, in a multi-op situation :
> - Use WT and record all messages with op1 voice.
> - Duplicate the msg1.wav etc... files and rename them msg1.op1 etc... (Win 
> will complaint, but don't bother).
> - Record the messages for op2, and repeat the rename process above (msg1.op2 
> etc...).
> - Do the same for every op (msg1.op3 etc...).
> - Now, create a batch file in the WT directory (with a simple text editor), 
> named OP1.BAT, and enter :
> copy *.op1 *.wav
> exit
> - Create a batch file for every op : OP2.BAT etc...
> - Now, in WT, if you enter OP1 in the callsign field and hit Ctrl-X (stands 
> for eXecute), the OP1.BAT will run, and the current voice files will be the 
> ones recorded by op1. If op2 comes in and want to use 'his' voice files, he 
> just has to enter OP2 and Ctrl-X. It is that simple.

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