[WT-support] WT2.7.0 PACC : NH province abbreviation is missing?

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Thu Feb 10 22:54:15 CET 2005

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY wrote:

> Hi Jean Jacques
> F5TJW a écrit :
>> Regarding the www.dutchpacc.com <http://www.dutchpacc.com> site, there 
>> is 12 province abbreviations and i found only 11 in WT. NH is missing.
> You're right !
> Fixed. (A stupid missing comma in the code...)
> The next release will be OK.

The next release, which does correct this and other bug reports in now 
available. It comes also with the KCJ TopBand Contest added.

http://download.win-test.com/wt-2.8.0.exe [full, 2.9 Mb]
http://download.win-test.com/wt-2.8.0-update.exe [update, 1.3 Mb]

73 de f5mzn

Release file
2.8.0 (Feb 10, 2005)

- Bugfix: mode changes with the Tentec Orion radio fixed. To be
   tested. Tks W5GN.

- Hourly comparison between datas and objectives is now available in
   the Objectives tab of the statistics window.

- You can now set an off threshold not listed in the menu choices
   between 1 and 120 minutes. Tnx CT1BOH.

- If a 4-chars valid gridquare is entered in the contest settings
   dialog, WT now warns and offers to complete it with the LL centered

- KCJ TopBand Contest added.

- Bugfix : PACC Contest : Being DX, logging a non-PA station was leading
   WT to a major crash in some circonstances. Tnx VK6NU.

- Bugfix : If guessed exchange was displayed in the bandmaps, and if no
   exchange was guessed, an ugly "()" was appended to the callsign.

- Bugfix : PACC Contest : The NH province was not displayed in the
   multipliers window. Tnx F5TJW.

- Bugfix : PACC Contest : Mode category wasn't mentionned in the
   Cabrillo header.

Olivier / f5mzn

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