[WT-support] No Frequency Control with Win-Test with EZMaster and Orion and ICOM 756PROII

Barry Merrill barry at mxg.com
Sat Feb 5 23:19:36 CET 2005

Does anyone have frequency control for either the Orion or ICom 756PROII
with EZMaster, using Win-Test Beta 2.6.0 Beta?

I am able to enable WinKey and can switch Radios and Send CW, but no rig control.

Using the single USB cable between the Notebook and EZMaster.
EZMaster in Extended Mode.
Have Orion as Radio A, connected to RS-232 on EZMaster.
Have Icom 756PROII as Radio B, connected to CAT-B on EZMaster.
In EZMaster Console, I set Radio A to RS-232, Radio B to USB.
In Win-Test Configuration for EZMASTER, I set
 Enable Win-Key
 Enable Radio 1
    Orion       RadioA    19200
 Enable Radio 2
    IC756PROII  Radio B   19200


Barry, W5GN

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