[WT-support] COM port support in Win-Test

g4irn at ntlworld.com g4irn at ntlworld.com
Sat Dec 31 19:27:26 CET 2005

Thanks Oliver for the quick response. I will place my order very soon!

Also, I am pleased to see that Win-Test now supports DXpedition mode (my main interest). I have a few further questions if you don't mind:

1. Does Win-Test support the facility to press <enter> key  for both the exchange and the TU/QRZ in CW?
2. Does Win-Test have a 'friends' facility where you type a callsign in the logging field and reference is made to your 'friends' file to show the station operator's name? (This is useful in DXpedition mode for remembering names of my club members) 

3. Is there a search facility on the reflector archives? (maybe I should be asking that first!)

Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you.

73, John

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