[WT-support] A very Happy New Year

F6BEE at aol.com F6BEE at aol.com
Fri Dec 30 09:54:38 CET 2005

A very Happy New Year to all Win Test developpers and support team as  well 
as to all WT users and their families.
I wish WT logs many thousands of contest QSOs in 2006.
Overall, I wish WT will be agreed as one of the official logging  software 
for WRTC-2006 in Brazil. Please help us convince the  Organizing Committe that 
WT is a mature product able to output well  formatted Cabrillo files.  This 
seems to be their majorn concern !
Best 73 de Jacques, F6BEE
Usual disclaimer : I have no commercial interrest in WT  !

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