[WT-support] Win-key

Dominik Bugmann hb9czf at swiss-artg.ch
Sat Dec 3 22:11:56 CET 2005

Just run another test. Options -> Winkey configuration... -> Independant
speed between pot and comp - unticked
Everything else stayed the same as in the previous setup.
- hit F1 to launch a CQ.
- while tx-ing slowly turn the pot on EZMaster and you will hear that some
letters/part of letters are send much slower before the final speed is

gl with the Bits and Bytes of WinKey.

Dominik, HB9CZF

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> Hi
> I can repeat the problem myself! \o/
> I'm going to change the way WT is managing the WinKey speed with the
> help of OM7ZZ and W4TV. That would fix the problem you reported about.
> Thanks everybody for the reports and help, and stay tuned!
> 73,
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> Olivier / f5mzn
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