[WT-support] Win-key

Tom Wylie t.wylie at ntlworld.com
Fri Dec 2 20:52:41 CET 2005

No it seems random - one CQ can come out fast and then next one slow - 
sometimes the exchange was sent very fast and then the TU QRZ message at 
nirmal speed.

Note they are NOT joined in a sequence.....

I am using Win XP PRO with 1800Mhz computer with 756 Mhz RAM


Olivier F5MZN wrote:

> Tom Wylie wrote:
>> Wander = vary randomly   one F1 CQ would come out at 30wpm - next hit 
>> of the button it would come out at 12wpm - somewitme there would be a 
>> short pause before sending....
> Hi Tom,
> How often does it occured during the contest? I can't repeat this here 
> but I must confess that I didn't try for a long time (abt 100 messages 
> sent).
> Do you confirm that it happened when sending a new message, and not in 
> the middle of the transmittion?
> When it happens, are the next messages also affected?
> Thanks again for your help trying to fix up this problem.
> 73,

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