[WT-support] Version 2.2.1

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Wed Sep 29 22:51:40 CEST 2004

Hi !

We're glad to inform you that Win-Test 2.2.1 is out.

You can download it here :


The Web site will be updated as soon as possible

As usual, just install it over your last version. Before, to be safe, 
you can rename your current version to keep it untouched, just in case...

Major improvements :

- More contests supported (TX QSO party, EU Sprint, WAG)
- More rigs supported (FT 847, FT 897, FT 817 and several Icoms)
- New sun icons in bandmaps and DX spots windows

and much more... (see the release.txt below : French translation in 
another post)

Have fun !

Best 73

Larry F6FVY and Oliver F5MZN


- Bugfix in WAE contest: ALT+L and ENTER keys were not active in the
   QTC window. Tks F5IN.

- Rig FT-847 support added. Note that the CAT system of the '847 does
   not  support the Split mode nor switching between VFO A and VFO B.
   For this  reason, the VFO B is disabled in the radio window.
   Many thanks to VK6NU and EA3IN for their help!

- FT1000-MP support rewritten.

- Rig FT-900 support added.

- Rig FT-897 support added. The CAT system is not able to identify
   which VFO is currently activated. For this reason, the VFO B is
   disabled in the radio window, and the VFO A is always set as active.
   Split mode is supported.

- Rig FT-817 support added. Same remark as for the FT-897.

- Added support for some Icom RIG: IC-275, IC-475, IC-1275, IC-718,
   IC-728, IC-729, IC-736, IC-738, IC-746, IC-746Pro, IC-7800, IC-910.

- The first QSO Party is mainly implemented : The Texas QSO Party !

   Please note these specific data and limitations for all QSO parties :

   - When logging a Rover or a Mobile station, you MUST log the callsign
     as <Callsign>/<County> (ex K5MZN/FREE). Otherwise, dupe and
     mult checkings will be inaccurate for these stations. By the way,
     the county will be automagically extracted from this logged

   - If you enter in Rover or Mobile categories, to change the county
     where you transmit from, use the <, > or Tab keys to access the
     county field. Note that if you're entering a multi op Rover
     or Mobile category, you must change the county field on EVERY
     networked computer (and use the Rover or Mobile category in
     contest settings dialog).
   - For now, bonus points are not computed.

   - Dupes and mults are only checked for CW and SSB modes. Other
     modes are allowed (use the All Modes choice in contest settings
     dialog), for QSO and points but mults count will not be accurate.

- EU Sprint Contest added.

- Worked All Germany Contest added.

- The voice files are now named according to the function key name.
   MSG1.WAV is now associated with F1 key, MSG2.WAV to F2 key, etc...
   Tnx VK6NU.

- New experimental feature : The soundcard microphone input can be
   managed to be used in pass-thru mode with the voice keyer (VK)
   thanks to 4 new text commands :

   - MIC : Enables the mic input when the VK is not playing
   - NOMIC :  Mutes the mic input when the VK is not playing (*)
   - MICWHENPLAY : Enables the mic input when the VK is playing
   - NOMICWHENPLAY : Mutes the mic input when the VK is playing (*)

   (*) Default settings after installing.

   Notes :

   - These settings can be set only when you're in a Phone mode.

   - If you change mode to a non-phone (in a mixed contest for ex),
     the mic input will be muted. It will be also muted when
     exiting Win-Test.

   - Settings will not be applied immediatly if you modify them
     when the VK is playing.

   Tnx F8CRH

- A new text command "SETUP" opens the interfaces setup dialog.

- A new option in the CheckPartial contextual menu allows to check
   partial callsign only in the current log.

- New protocol version released (bugfixes + updates to allow QSO
   parties networking).

- HamCAP predictions are now also available within the contextual
   menu on a callsign in the bandmaps and in DX Cluster spots window

- New sun icons are displayed in bandmaps, DX Cluster spots (Alt-A),
   and check country (F10) windows to indicate local sun position.

- Bugfix : Using child windows shortcuts with no contest file
   opened was leading to a major crash. Tnx N4ZR.

- Bugfix : An invalid locator in the contest settings dialog was
   preventing the log from being loaded. A validity check is now
   performed to avoid such a case. Tnx N4ZR.

- Bugfix : COM port speed was not correct when reopening this port
   if set speed was over 19200 bauds. Tnx VK6NU.

- You can jump to the start (resp. end) of the log by hitting the
   Ctrl-G (stands for "Goto") keys and the Home (resp. End) key when
   the goto dialog is displayed.

- Bugfix : If a packet spot comment was including an ampersand
   char (&), the comment was misprinted in the Spots announces
   window (Alt-A).

- Bugfix : Importing from a Cabrillo file failed if the target Win-Test
   file didn't have a wtb extension.

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