[WT-support] Progress and a question or two

John Coleman vk6nu at arach.net.au
Thu Sep 23 03:18:36 CEST 2004

Hi Pete

I use the wtDXtelnet program and it works fine, was pretty easy to get up
and running.

Good luck with the program, look for VI6175WA in Oceania Contest 1-3 OCT
Hopefully work you then.

73 John VK6NU
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Subject: [WT-support] Progress and a question or two

> Well, I have the program controlling both radios now - a Mark 5 (Radio 1)
> and a TS-930/PIEXX (Radio 2).  My radios are both switched and keyed by a
> TopTen DXD controller, which has only one CW output, which it switches
> one radio to the other under command of the computer.
> I can switch radios fine with the mouse, although the numeric "*" key does
> not seem to work.  It switches the program's focus but does not switch the
> DXD through the LPT port.  When I switch radios with the mouse, the DXD
> switches and the CW goes to the right radio.
> It appears that Radio 1 needs to be selected in the LPT1 interface
> configuration, or else the CW does not work in an SO2R situation, using
> keying.  Is this correct?
> Do I understand that there is, as yet, no provision for Internet DX
> operation?  I can't find anything in the documentation dealing with this
> topic, but when I enabled the Ethernet connection, my computer saw
> trying to receive data from the Internet, so perhaps I am missing
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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