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John Coleman vk6nu at arach.net.au
Wed Sep 15 13:38:16 CEST 2004

Hi Larry.

I can see what you mean, its nice having all the nice extra bells and
whistles but sometimes its better to do things the old fashioned way. Thanks
for the very relevant
info which I shall bear in mind and hopefully some others will follow your
advice too. I have
printed out all the text commands and have used quite a few of them rather
than mouse
commands. I was looking at it from a very casual  single contest operators
point of view
cruising casually  around the bands. In a multi-multi situation it would be
a very different
story. A multi-multi operation in VK6 would be a dream, but my local club is
working on it. The best
we can achieve here at the moment is a Multi-single. Look for VI6175WA in
Oceania SSB Contest OCT-2-3 hope
the bands are in good shape and we can work you then.

73 John VK6NU

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> Hi John
> John Coleman a écrit :
> (snip)
> > Its the metres versus MHZ thing.
> Definitely ! But we also can say that if we need to go to an "higher"
> band, it sounds logical to click on the up arrow ;-)
> In fact, to be honnest, you must know that experienced users never use
> the arrows icons nor Alt-F1/F2 keys : They enter the band (in meters for
> HF), or the frequency (in kHz) in the callsign field and hit 'Enter' !
> It's easier... and _safer_ : For example, in a multi-2 environment,
> let's assume Run1 is on 20, Run2 on 40, and Run1 wants to come on 80. If
> you're a bit tired and use Alt-F1 (instead of Alt-F2) - I assume you
> have controlled-radios - the Run1 receiver will be on 40 m a fraction of
> time, which can be long enough to blow up your RX front-end, because
> your friend on Run2 is transmitting on 40 ! If you enter '80' and
> 'Enter' your receiver will directly jump to 80 with no damage.
> The same hint applies for modes : "Just type it", as they say : SSB, CW,
> RTTY etc...
> The list of text command is available here :
> http://www.win-test.com/ref_manual/en/textCommands.html
> Few of them are missing (we're a bit late...) : You can find them in the
> release.txt file.
> 73
> Larry - F6FVY
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