[WT-support] Band Summary Window and Check Multipliers windows.

John Coleman vk6nu at arach.net.au
Wed Sep 15 08:05:49 CEST 2004

Hi all

Something I noticed during the WAE contest at the weekend. When you change band with the Blue arrows Band UP/ Band DOWN. The Summary window is really labelled upside down because when you go band up the current band line goes down the screen rather than upwards like you think it should do and vice versa when you press the Band Down the blue line goes up. You would need 160 at the bottom rather than at the top and it would all make sense. Anyone else notice this or have a problem with it. I know it works as labelled but when you are tired you expect the blue line to move up the screen when you go band up.  It must be that having a Blue arrow pointing up you logically expect its operation to move something up the screen rather than down it. I had the summary window right above the Log entry window so thats why I noticed it so much. I guess I could move the Summary and Multiplier windows to a different part of the screen. I bet everyone will notice it now that I mentioned it. Hi Hi. Sorry.

73 John VK6NU 
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