Re: [WT-support] Supported rigs - Radios supportées

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Sun Sep 12 16:15:59 CEST 2004

Hi all

> - Radio (ex ICOM IC-xxx)   


> - Interfaces dialog drop list choice if rig is not listed (ex Icom generic)

Icom generic 

> - COM port settings (speed, data bits, stop bits, handshake)

Com 1   4800 8N1

> - Special requirements (ex : IcomGenericRadio1=66h in the wt.ini 
> [Interfaces] section).


IcomGenericAddr0=60h    when n is the radio 1 HEXA address
IcomGenericAddr1=<n>h    when n is the radio 2 HEXA address

Works fine for me on all 3 bands (2m, 70 and 23 cm)


Jacques, F6BEE
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