[WT-support] IC-775DSP

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Sun Sep 12 12:22:20 CEST 2004

Hi Marcel,

> Anyone knows why WT doesn't control the sub VFO of the
> Icom IC-775? Is there any trick?

Sorry for being in late replying to your message. I was interested in 
your request on the IC-775. Concerning the Icom radios, WT does not make 
actually any difference between VFO A and VFO B, nor main/sub VFO, due 
to the Icom protocol limitation.

I don't know the IC-775 at all, but I understand by reading the manual 
that one can activate either the main VFO or the sub VFO. For WT, that 
make no difference, it always displays the frequency of the active VFO 
in the "VFO A" display of the Radio window in WT. If sub VFO is 
activated on radio, entering a frequency in WT *would* pass it to the 
sub VFO. There is an exception in split mode: "VFO B" display would 
indicate the sub VFO frequency, which is also the TX VFO.

Are your other loggin softwares working a different way?

Olivier / f5mzn

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