[WT-support] SSB Messages and Keying

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Sat Sep 11 16:35:19 CEST 2004

> Thanks for the info, I will experiment with the WAV files. The keying issue
> I cannot get to work the way I want. I want to use Com 1 only for voice
> keying so I can use my existing interface that works with all my other
> programs. My Com port 4 is my Rig1 control which works fine. When I try to
> set Com 1 to key the rig as the voice keyer it will not allow me to do this
> as I must have Rig 1 selected in Com 1 to activate the keyer.(Rig 1 is
> already set in Com 4). The program will not allow me to have Rig1 selected
> on 2 com ports. If I disable Com 4 and have rig 1 selected in Com 1 it will
> send the DVK messages fine but then I have no Rig control. I would have to
> make up a new lead and use Com1 to use DVK and Rig Control which I don't
> want to do unless I have to. Is it possible to dedicate one Com port alone
> to DVK via Soundcard and one Com port alone to Rig 1 Control. this way
> people can use their existing leads.  I am not sure how other users feel
> about this but I think most people would have seperate leads for their sound
> card keying and their rig control but I may be wrong. The way it operates at
> the moment You have to use the same com port for Rig control and DVK as the
> Option does not open up in Network, TNC, W5XD Multi keyer and if I select
> RIG 2 for Com port 1  it keys up the RIG 1 all the time. Hope all this makes
> sense. I am looking at this from a new users point of view who has  been
> using 2 com ports 1 for PSK31, RTTY etc via Soundcard and 1 for Rig control.
> At the moment WT will not allow this user to use the DVK without making up a
> new combined DVK/Rig control lead which I presume would work ok. Maybe
> others just use 1 Com port for PTT and Rig Control ????!!!!!..

Hi John,

As far as I know, most users have their PTT connected to the LPT port 
for DVK. It is probably why nobody requested a way to have outputs for 
the radio control and the PTT on two separate COM ports before. We'll 
consider this for the next release.

BTW, do you know any software able to get the FT-847 entering slip mode?

Olivier / f5mzn

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