[WT-support] Win-Test version 1.2.1

Olivier F5MZN support@win-test.com
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 20:00:43 +0200


La version 1.2.1 de Win-Test est disponible. Elle corrige en particulier le 
calcul des points pour le championnat de France THF (les point pour les 
contacts avec les stations F et TK n'étaient pas multipliés par 2). 
J'espère ne pas avoir fait de nouvelle bourde ! :)

C'est dispo, comme d'habitude, ici : http://download.wintest.online.fr

Laurent, F6FVY, a très activement participé au développement de cette 
nouveau version. Merci Laurent !

Les prochains développements seront axés autour :
- du support de l'IARU HF qui aura lieu en juillet, du contest IOTA et du 
- de la génération d'un résumé du score (que l'on pourra copier-coller dans 
un mail, par exemple) et de quelques statistiques.

Ci-dessous, le fichier de "release" de cette version.

Olivier / f5mzn

- Added a way to change the output directory the log files will be saved in.

- Size of the soapbox edit box increased.

- Average distance fixed for THF contests. Tks F6HJO.

- Mode is sent with a QSO or QSO UPDATE through the network. Notice that the
   actual protocol is no more compatible with the one of the older version
   of Win-Test.

- Points for the french stations in REF THF doubled. Tks F6BCG & F6HJO.

- Zone information is not needed anymore for neither the CQWW WPX nor the
   CQWW VHF contests.

- Last mode is saved in wt.ini

- Bug fix : WT might crash if no gridsquare were specified in the
   contest setting window for some contests.

- CW menus reorganized.

- Various cosmetic changes on menu titles.

- Bug fix on 'Desactiver le son' menu (and now becomes 'Pas de son').

- New features on serial numbers sent in CW :

   1/ Enabling or disabling leading zeros sending by menu or text commands
   LEADINGZEROS (or in short LZ) and NOLEADINGZEROS (or in short NOLZ).

   2/ Four abbreviated levels. Can be set by menu or by text command :

   - Non abbreviated : NOCWABBREV (or NOABBREV) : Self explanatory
   - Semi abbreviated : CWSEMIABBREV (or SEMIABBREV) :

     In this level, the leading zeros (if enabled - see above) are keyed
	as T. Zeros included in serial number aren't.


     In this level, 0 and 9 are all keyed as T and N.

     In this level, 0, 1, 4, 5 and 9 are all keyed as T, A, V, E, N

   Summary examples :

    Serial number     010           5194

    NOABBREV          010           5194
    SEMIABBREV        T10           5194
    FULLABBREV        T1T           51N4
    PROABBREV         TAT           EANV

    NOTE : These abbreviations do concern serial numbers ONLY ($SERIAL
    variable in CW messages). To abbreviate zones, report sent etc... you
    have to modify in the CW messages texts themselves.

- Several display bugs in summary window fixed (especially for ARRL 10 m
   and CQWW 160 contests).

- When working a new US state or a new VE province in ARRL 10 m and
   CQWW 160 contests, a 'S' is displayed in the log (rather than a 'Z').

- EXIT command added ( = QUIT).

- CLOSE command added (= Fichier / Fermer menu)

- TUNE command added ( = Ctrl-T)

- Power dialog in ARRL DX DX side contest has now focus on the edit field
   rather than on the OK button when opening.

- This edit field is now uppercased.

- File dialog title for 'Nouveau...' is now 'Nouveau', rather than 'Ouvrir'.

- Combo boxes in the interfaces dialog are now droplists. It avoids the user
   to type in them (what for ?).

- Bug fix on closing the interfaces dialog with OK, when no log was opened,
   which led to an access violation error.

- Cosmetic bug in cursor position in CQWW VHF fixed.